Week 12 Question 3

I will list some ideas in dot point format to express what issues may affect perceived web credibility in the future.
  • Due to the vast amounts of websites that share information, the content you view will be so tailored to your viewpoint that conflicting ideas wont be expressed or discussed within the webpages you visit. This puts you inside a thought bubble where you don’t listen to other points of view. This is where Facebook is heading with tailored posts to your ideologies are more likely to be shown on your feed.
  • Since its becoming more acceptable to show ad’s on your website people could slowly integrate ad’s into posts or ideas instead of having them on the side a post. So a company pays for you to write a good review on their product instead of just putting a picture advertising their brand.
  • Nowadays credibility is not determined by a persons place in a field, like a scientist talking about global warming, its determined by what they say about said issue. This puts a person into a thought bubble that rejects anything that doesn’t go with their viewpoint. which stunts a persons mental growth.
  • Now that people don’t accept viewpoints of professionals, truth does not matter, the only thing that matters is if the person is saying what you agree with. This is not conducive to an intelligent society.

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