Week 12 Question 1


It is important to evaluate the credibility of a website because information can be used to manipulate a person attitude or behaviours. This has become very evident in present day with the term “Fake news” being given to any website that posts an opinion contrary to another. Credibility important when quoting or using information is a scholarly setting, you must make your argument true and sound to prove your point. We need to evaluate the credibility of a website because we need to present facts not manipulated opinion when creating essay’s or thesis’s. Trevor Todd explains how credibility in the legal system can be determined if you don’t have “any interest, bias or prejudice.” (Todd, 2011). If I were to provide a Wikipedia article in a essay or site a non scholarly source my argument will be thrown under the bus. Your ability to prove an argument with credible sources are what passes you through university degrees. When creating an essay your goal is to prove a thesis statement, and you cant prove anything if you quote untrustworthy sources because they aren’t proven to be true. Losing crediblity as an individual reduces how much people will listen and believe you, William M. Savage explains how not correcting your mistakes as a journalist loses your reputation, “When journalists make mistakes, they should be transparent about their errors and issue permanent notice that the error occurred.”





Todd, T. (2011). The Importance Of Credibility. Retrieved from http://disinherited.com/importance-credibility/


Savage, W. (2017). Journalists lose credibility when failing to issue corrections. Retrieved from https://nondoc.com/2017/04/10/journalists-issue-corrections-for-credibility/





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